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How is Novig different from a traditional sportsbook?

Traditional sportsbooks charge bettors a heavy transaction fee, known as “the vig.” This ~8% fee results in the house always winning. Novig charges no fees to users, eliminating the vig and making sports betting strictly more profitable.

How does Novig make money without charging fees on trades?

Rather than charging users a fee, we generate revenue from institutional traders, those looking to take advantage of our premium analytics tools, and through internal market making.

When will Novig be available?

The best way to stay informed about our upcoming launch is to sign up for our waitlist here. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, reach out to for more information.

What is NBX? What types of bets will be available on it?

NBX is the first high-frequency, commission-free peer-to-peer sports betting exchange. NBX allows you to bet against friends or the market, instead of the house. Initially, the four major US sports will be available (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). Users will be able to place bets on the Moneyline, Point Spread, Game Totals, and Team Futures, both pre-game and in-game.