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Our Story


Let’s face it: the sports betting industry is broken. Traditional sportsbooks protect their monopoly on the industry using take-it-or-leave-it manipulative practices, such as fixing odds, restricting users, lockouts, blacklisting, and even refusing payouts.

We’ve experienced these pain points firsthand as avid bettors and quant traders ourselves. Despite the similarities between trading and sports betting, the former is a hyper-competitive and efficient market that rewards skill and ingenuity, while the latter remains an outdated and exploitative system designed to keep winners out and ensure that the house always wins.

Novig was founded to create a fair, efficient, and dynamic marketplace where sports bettors of any caliber can trade with one another on a truly level playing field. We firmly believe that if you take Vegas out of the equation and empower the individual bettor, it’s anyone’s game.


Our Vision

Introducing the first high-frequency sports trading platform in the US within a regulated, fair marketplace.

We’re buliding for the next generation of bettors who seek optimal execution and competitive price improvement.

Our Values



As a company challenging the unjust practices of the sports betting industry, we value fairness as a central tenet of our platform with the belief that free markets are most effective on a level playing field.



Unlike sportsbooks who exclude profitable users, we boast a platform where winners are welcome. May the best bets win.



The sports betting industry suffers from outdated models and a lack of innovation. Our platform is built using the same technology behind the world’s leading financial exchanges, ensuring a robust low-latency marketplace.