The best games are played on a level playing field

It’s time
sportbooks met their match

Traditional sportsbooks keep bettors at a disadvantage by fixing odds, restricting frequency, and even refusing payouts. As bettors ourselves, we know the system is rigged and the house always wins. But it shouldn't. So we got rid of the house and all that came with it.

We built a fair, efficient betting platform that celebrates strategizing, playing the market, and betting smart.

Our exchange lets you play against peers or the market — not the house — so all winnings go to the people who earn them.

No rigging, no banning, no penalties for getting better at betting.

Game on.

We play by a different set of rules



Built for bettors, by bettors, we build everything with the bettor experience in mind. Unlike sportsbooks that exclude profitable users, we welcome them. May the best bettors win.


Today’s sports betting industry is lagging. Our platform centers the user, challenges the incumbent business model, and optimizes the overall experience.


We’re not on board with the unjust practices of today’s sports betting industry. Instead, we’re guided by the belief that free markets are most effective on a level playing field.


In contrast to today’s sportsbooks, we are always transparent about odds and limits, never rigging lines or setting out to put our bettors at a disadvantage.

Backed by Y Combinator, Lux Capital, Paul Graham, and other top investors committed to changing the game.

“Novig is an absolute game changer. The future of sports betting is here.”

Joe Montana

Investor, Former NFL quarterback

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