April 9, 2024

Announcing Novig's New CMO, Catherine Dougherty

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we dive into a conversation with Novig’s newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer, Catherine Dougherty.

Congratulations on your promotion, Catherine! Could you tell us about your work experience and what brought you to Novig?

Catherine Dougherty: After graduating from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, I moved to Singapore to begin my career with Facebook as an Account Manager within the Global Business Group. I worked with high-growth clients based in Australia, New Zealand and the United States across a range of industries including CPG, e-commerce, financial services, technology, media, travel, and automotive. A memory that stands out in that role was the opportunity to travel to regional Australia to take part in Facebook’s Community Boost program, an initiative to bring best practices in digital solutions to small businesses on the ground to help them grow. 

With a strong foundation in digital advertising, I sought to gain firsthand experience within a brand’s in-house marketing team. Following the completion of a Master’s in Public Relations and Advertising from the University of New South Wales Sydney, I joined BMW’s rotational Global Leader Development Program, which included international assignments in Munich and Auckland. I worked alongside world-class teams in the areas of brand strategy, national marketing, event planning, product, and CRM.  

My entrepreneurial itch and curiosity led me to seek out opportunities in the startup space. What drew me to the company was the clear vision shared by CEO and Co-Founder, Jacob Fortinsky, and CTO and Co-Founder, Kelechi Ukah. They saw an opportunity to reshape the sports betting landscape by building the first high-frequency, commission-free sports betting exchange. It was very evident after my initial conversations with Jacob and Kelechi that they are both intellectual power houses with an insatiable commitment to succeed. If this blog post is your first introduction to Novig, I recommend reading Jacob’s post announcing our $6.4M seed round, that goes into more detail about our business model. 

What will your new role entail? 

Catherine Dougherty: In my previous role as Head of Growth Marketing for Novig, I led the marketing efforts for the launch into our first state of Colorado in January. In this new role, my goal will be scaling these efforts nationally as we begin thinking about expansion into additional states, and assembling a best-in-class marketing team. We have been developing, testing and iterating various acquisition and retention strategies in Colorado, and will use these learnings to help inform our roadmap moving forward.

What does the future hold for Novig? 

Catherine Dougherty: We have a highly skilled and driven team working hard to achieve aggressive growth, and it’s exciting to be part of that. Our dedication remains focused on providing the best odds in the industry, introducing cutting-edge features, and delivering the most seamless user experience. 

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